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Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction Advisory Services

Built with Passion,
Sold with Precision

You’ve dedicated yourself to building a successful business, and with its value at its peak, our team is ready to assist. The process of selling your business goes beyond mere financial transactions—it represents a significant turning point in your life. The Rodefer Moss team is here to assist you through the sale and to support you throughout this comprehensive process. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition into whatever comes next, tailored to your unique path.

Transaction Advisory Services


National Director of Tax

Executive Director of Operations

Executive Director of Operations

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Advisory Services Manager

Transaction Advisory Services


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As with any important transaction, identifying the underlying, “What could go wrong” helps us chart a course that mitigates risk.

Consider ways to mitigate identified risks 

A Quality of Earnings (QoE) report is a detailed analysis that is conducted by our credentialed financial professionals during the due diligence process. This report assesses the accuracy, sustainability, and consistency of a company's earnings by examining various financial aspects such as revenue recognition practices, expense management, cash flow patterns, and accounting policies. The objective of a QoE report is to provide insights into the underlying financial health and performance of the business.

Quality of Earnings (QoE)

Both the transaction and seller proceeds can trigger a bevy of adverse state and federal taxes. Our CPA tax professionals will provide the expertise and big picture context to recommend a deal structure that optimizes your overarching financial objectives.

Analyze tax consequences, tax strategy, and wealth/estate management matters

Our Valuation professionals will assist you in ascertaining the likely range of value the market currently views your company. The Rodefer Moss team can then advise you on financial and operational strategies that can boost your value in the marketplace.

Valuation analysis (Valuation or Calculation), strategy formation, and deal structure discussion to optimize transaction value

Debt restructuring presents a valuable opportunity when selling a business. By strategically assessing and restructuring debt obligations, our aim is to enhance the business's financial profile, making it more attractive to potential buyers. This proactive approach not only optimizes the business's valuation but also mitigates risks, streamlines the sale process, and maximizes value for our clients.

Debt reconstructing

Planning & Preparation

Rodefer Moss transaction professionals carefully review your company’s 3-5-year historical performance metrics and provide analysis and comparisons to industry peer benchmarks [balance sheet and income statement]. This foundational first step helps uncover opportunities and value-robbing potential impediments.

Examine historical and prospective financial information–including peer benchmarking

A company’s financial position and track record within its industry are key factors that shape valuations. Our experienced and credentialed professionals will use evidence-based analysis to lead into building a cogent a transition strategy.

Assess macro and micro industry factors


Bona fide buyers should not be confused with the folks that often come out of the woodwork motivated by gaining market intelligence or swooping in to make a low-ball offer. This fodder is not good for your piece of mind and sours your perspective of the process. We will manage those distractions for you.

Research potential buyers, including accumulating substantial financial research on primary targeted interested parties

Finalize a list of approved prospective buyers


To garner a meaningful response from the most relevant buyers, it’s crucial to present essential information in a tailored format and tone. Professionally crafted market teasers establish a serious atmosphere and signal a well-executed transaction process. Conversely, a careless approach to market outreach can significantly diminish the likelihood of achieving the best possible outcome.

Distribute market “teasers” and NDAs to qualified prospective buyers

This involves receiving and assessing Indications of Interest (IOIs) from potential buyers or investors. The firm meticulously evaluates each IOI, considering various factors such as financial terms, strategic and cultural fit, and credibility of the interested parties, to determine the most promising offers. Through this process, we help clients make informed decisions that align with their objectives, ultimately optimizing the outcome of the transaction.

Receive and evaluate indications of interest (“lOl”)

The sequence of a transaction discussion is important. You would not want to get too far down a path before establishing the credibility of a potential buyer. It is too expensive to occupy your time and that of your senior leaders with valueless meetings and dialogue. We will separate the “wheat from the chaff.” Prepare a Procedures Letter and send it with the CIM to prospective buyers who have executed NDAs.

Initiate discussions with potential buyers

We will meticulously prepare and manage the data room, ensuring confidentiality and controlling the distribution of sensitive information to potential acquirers. By guiding clients through the due diligence review process, the firm helps mitigate risks and optimize transparency in business transactions.

Prepare a Data Room for Due Diligence. Facilitate potential buyer’s due diligence for review and control the distribution of confidential information

Due Diligence

Receive, evaluate and negotiate Letters of Intent (“LOIs”) on your behalf

Due diligence involves meticulous gathering and detailed documentation of data crucial for a business transaction. However, its comprehensive nature often diverts attention from critical day-to-day operations. Entrust the task to our seasoned Rodefer Moss analysts, who adeptly handle the essential information exchange on your behalf, allowing you to focus on running your business efficiently.

Assist during management presentations and interviews (if applicable)

Select and negotiate with finalists approved by the Company


With all business transactions, there are many constituents that will rob your time and take you away from important “run-the-business” matters. Our seasoned team will handle the granular communication demands all while making important information exchanges efficient for you.

Assist legal counsel, insurance and other advisors in preparing and completing definitive documentation

Provide other services in order to assist the Company in completing a Transaction

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