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Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction Advisory Services

Built with Passion,
Sold with Precision

You’ve dedicated yourself to building a successful business, and with its value at its peak, our team is ready to assist. The process of selling your business goes beyond mere financial transactions—it represents a significant turning point in your life. The Rodefer Moss team is here to assist you through the sale and to support you throughout this comprehensive process. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition into whatever comes next, tailored to your unique path.

Transaction Advisory Services


National Director of Tax

Executive Director of Operations

Executive Director of Operations

Executive Vice President of Growth & Development



Advisory Services Manager

Transaction Advisory Services


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  • Consider ways to mitigate risks identified
  • Quality of Earnings (Q0E)
  • Analysis of tax consequences, tax strategy, and wealth/estate management
  • Valuation analysis (Valuation or Calculation), strategy formation, and deal structure discussion to optimize transaction value
  • Debt reconstructing

Planning & Preparation

  • Examine the company’s historical and prospective financial information–including peer benchmarking
  • Assess macro and micro industry factors


  • Research potential buyers, including accumulating substantial financial research on primary targeted interested parties
  • Finalize a list of approved prospective buyers


  • Distribute market “teasers” and NDAs to qualified prospective buyers
  • Receive and evaluate indications of interest (“IOI”)
  • Initiate discussions with potential buyers
  • Prepare a Procedures Letter and send it with the CIM to prospective buyers who have executed NDAs
  • Prepare a Data Room for Due Diligence, facilitate potential buyers’ due diligence for review and control the distribution of confidential information

Due Diligence

  • Receive, evaluate and negotiate Letters of Intent (“LOIs”) on your behalf
  • Assist during management presentations and interviews (if applicable)
  • Select and negotiate with finalists approved by the Company


  • Assist legal counsel, insurance and other advisors in preparing and completing definitive documentation
  • Provide other services in order to assist the Company in completing a Transaction

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