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Olivia Morris

Senior Tax Associate


About Olivia

Location: Knoxville

Olivia Morris is a highly skilled and dedicated Senior Tax Associate with extensive expertise in tax services. With a passion for helping individuals and businesses navigate taxation, Olivia has become a trusted advisor in the field.

Since joining Rodefer Moss in 2019, Olivia has provided comprehensive tax services to a diverse range of entities across industries such as manufacturing, insurance, and professional employer organizations (PEOs).

Olivia’s strengths lie in her meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the highest standards of accuracy and precision in tax return preparation. She specializes in working with high-net-worth individuals, optimizing their tax position and maximizing financial goals.

Additionally, Olivia is proficient in multi-state tax return preparation and international tax compliance. She assists clients with complex multi-jurisdictional tax compliance and ensures adherence to international tax treaties.

As a Senior Tax Associate, Olivia excels in tax provision and planning, developing strategic tax plans tailored to each client’s unique needs. She identifies tax savings opportunities and minimizes potential liabilities effectively.

Furthermore, Olivia handles federal and state tax notice responses with confidence and efficiency, alleviating stress for businesses and individuals in these situations.

Olivia Morris is not only a proficient tax professional but also a trusted advisor who provides personalized service and builds long-lasting client relationships. With her dedication, expertise, and passion for tax services, Olivia helps clients achieve financial goals while ensuring compliance with tax regulations. 

B.S., Accounting; East Tennessee State University

  • Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants

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