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Nola Swartz

Accounting Manager


About Nola

Location: Knoxville

Nola has spent 6 years as an Office Manager and working in the daily business operations of small businesses. During that time, she helped the businesses go from paper and manual entries to a POS system and implemented new software to track everything from scheduling to costing and inventory replenishment. This allowed the business to grow by 40% each year over a 2 year span.

Nola is always eager to learn and improve, so she joined a busy and successful architect firm as their Project Accounting Manager. She worked on 80-100 commercial projects for 2.5 years–including the $140 million Neyland Stadium Renovations project. She has also successfully implemented a new cloud-based software program to track project budgets and progress.

Nola has been in Public Accounting just over 2 years, with a concentration in account cleanup, training both clients and team members, and  special projects. Nola enjoys process improvements and finding areas in a business that can be updated to make a difference for the business owner.

Having seen first-hand how important it is to have clean books, and what a difference it can make in the net profit (or less) it can be for a business owner, her passion is to help business owners succeed and reach their potential by being fully informed about their financials.

BBA; East Tennessee State University 

  • Mission of Hope – 5 years as a volunteer buyer for the largest children’s charity in East Tennessee​
  • Knox Co Schools – 7 years as a Red Cross first-aid certified school volunteer

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