Business Valuations

With today’s strenuous reporting requirements, never in history has it been more difficult and complex to arrive at a valuation of a business.


If that fact hasn’t been made known to you, you’re running a great risk when it comes to valuing your business or business acquisitions. We perform business valuations that include factors that should be considered to arrive at a valuation that is compliant and defendable. This information is crucial to you in many ways and for numerous reasons.


You have too much at stake not to have the best valuation assessment. Our professionals are a class apart. That brings value to you, accurately.


Rodefer Moss also has an affiliate company, Rodefer Moss Consulting, LLC., a full service forensic and valuation firm. Visit Rodefer Moss Consulting, LLC. today to learn more about their services.


Rodefer Moss Consulting, LLC.